[photo: Tim and julio the dog
[photo: Tim at Lake Simcoe
[photo: Tim at a bar in Sydney
Tim was born in Vancouver in 1969 and spent his youth bouncing around British Columbia, Canada. Not realistically being able to "Go West, young man" he moved East spending time in Alberta, Ontario, Québec, Prince Edward Island, and Germany. He completed a degree in Still Photography at Ryerson Polytechnical University in Toronto before moving back to British Columbia.
During his studies in photography he was influenced by the works of photographers

Larry Towell
Eugene Richards
Alex Webb
Gilles Peress
Robert Frank
Josef Koudelka

He has travelled to Cuba, Germany, France, China, The Czech Republic, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and spent 36 unplanned hours in Japan. He speaks functional French and German, with a side order of Spanish. In 2008 Tim returned from 3 years of living in Australia. When he is not photographing, recording audio, cooking or playing ice hockey he is upgrading his web skills, growing food, or cycling.