Aboriginal Elder Mt. Everard Central Australia
Leatherwood Beekeeper Southern Tasmania  Australia
Camel and jockey Boulia Queensland  Australia

Nuclear Territory: In 2007 I spent several months driving thousands of kilometers around the Northern Territory of Australian to photograph and interview Aboriginal Australians about a proposed nuclear waste dump. If what they told me was true, and I don't believe it wasn't, it was an attempt by a national government to conveniently dispose of a problem on people who had the least ability to legally fight it. As one person asked me "If (nuclear waste) is so safe why couldn't white Australians have it down on the coastline"? (>launch show<)

Leatherwood Beekeeping: Tasmania is an Island, roughly the size of Ireland, off the mainland of Australia with stunningly beautiful old growth forrests butting up against acres of tree plantations so perfectly mapped out that lasers must have been used. "Tasssie" was where they sent the worst convicts, it is the birth place of the Green party, and it is also home to Hedley Hoskinson, the elder statesman of beekeeping who has been at it for over 50 years. He talks about the importance of a diminishing resource and the struggle to keep their industry alive. (>launch show<)

Camel racing: According to some estimates there are upwards of a million feral camels roaming the Australian outback. Some end up as meat, some are culled in a seemingly futile attempt to keep their numbers down, some ruin sacred aboriginal watering holes by drownding in them. A select few end up in the outback town of Boulia, Queensland to run in the most important camel race in Australia. Glenda Sutton is a camel jockey and talked to me about the nature of camels and what it's like to hurtle down the racecourse on the back of one. (>launch show<)